• Enhance self awareness and self-esteem

• Develop communication skills and resolve differences by negotiation

• Get on with and work well with others

• Explore and manage feelings

• Understand and identify with others

• Develop values

• Plan ahead

By empowering young people to choose the activities that they will complete in order to achieve their Awards they develop a sense of ownership of their activities and the learning involved. This in itself is highly motivating, but is further enhanced by the sense of achievement gained when young people are able to receive an accredited certificate that recognises their individual contribution to the activities in which they are involved.

In using the peer group to assess and support the young people through the Awards, young people develop a range of social skills that includes negotiation, problem solving, communication, working with others etc. Some of these skills can be also accredited through Key Skills programmes

In addition, the reviewing and recording procedures have been designed to promote the development of study skills through planning, reviewing, recording and creating a personal portfolio.