Our Vision:

Elevated Aspirations Ltd's vision is of:

"A society where individuals aspire to achieve more, are assisted to set and accomplish goals - to continuously evaluate & elevate their aspirations and achieve success.  A society in which  children, young people, and adults are not afraid of, or hindered in, aspiring to achieve more, aspiring to accomplishing goals, and aspiring to achieving success"


Our Values:

 Elevated Aspirations Ltd's values are:

    1. The conducting of our business with integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability to our members and stakeholders
    2. Valuing people and elevating their aspirations and achievement
    3. The promotion of equality, justice, fairness & diversity and opposing discrimination of any sort
    4. Excellence in all that we do in order to provide high quality services that result in successful intended outcomes


Our Goals:

Elevated Aspirations Ltd's goals are to:

    1. Address children’s, young people’s, adults', and communities' issues through educative projects, training and community events
    2. Engage with children, young people, adults, and families in providing a service with programmes of activities and training that best meets their needs and potential aspirations


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