Policies, Procedures & Forms: list

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  1. Accident Form (Download)

  2. Administration Policy

  3. Anti-corruption and Bribery Policy

  4. Capability Procedure

  5. Code of Conduct Policy for Members and Learners

  6. Code of Conduct Policy for Staff

  7. Complainants Procedure

  8. Complaints Form (Download)

  9. Conflict of Interest and Loyalty Policy

  10. Contractors and Subcontractors Due Diligence Basic Checklist

  11. Contracts and Subcontractors Agreement Template

  12. Contracts and Subcontractors Terms and Conditions

  13. Customer and Marketing Policy

  14. Data Protection Policy

  15. Disciplinary Procedure

  16. E-mail Policy

  17. Environmental and Sustainability Policy

  18. Equality and Diversity Policy

  19. Ethical Fundraising Policy

  20. Finance Policy

  21. Fitness Assessment Questionnaire

  22. Flexible Work Application Form (Download)

  23. Flexible Work Application: Manager's Response Form (Download)

  24. Flexible Work Arrangement Policy

  25. Freedom of Information Policy

  26. Freedom of Information Request Form (Download)

  27. GDPR Adult Easy Read Privacy Policy

  28. GDPR Adult Privacy Policy

  29. GDPR Employees, Volunteers & Contractors Privacy Policy

  30. GDPR General Public and Website Privacy Policy

  31. GDPR Recruitment of Employees and Volunteers Privacy Policy

  32. GDPR Risk Assessment and Data Audit Assessment

  33. GDPR Young People’s Privacy Policy

  34. GDPR Young People's Easy Read Privacy Policy

  35. Grievance Procedure

  36. Health and Safety Policy

  37. Human Resources Policy

  38. Induction Checklist

  39. Induction Policy

  40. JD Tutor Job Description

  41. JD Youth Work Job Description

  42. Learner Management Policy

  43. Learner Support Policy

  44. Learning Programme, Development, Delivery and Evaluation Policy

  45. Maternity and Paternity Leave Application Form (Download)

  46. Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy

  47. Monitoring, Reviewing and Evaluating the QMS Policy

  48. New Employee Bank & Personal Details Form (Download)

  49. Probation Procedure and Policy

  50. Quality Management System Review Procedure

  51. Quality Policy

  52. Records Management Policy

  53. Recruitment and Selection of Learners Policy

  54. Recruitment of Ex-offenders: Policy Statement

  55. Reporting Policy

  56. Right to Work: Lists 1 & 2 of documents needed

  57. Risk Assessment Form (Download)

  58. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

  59. Self-employed, Freelance, Consultancy Contract Template

  60. Sickness and Absence Policy

  61. Sickness Self-certificate (Download)

  62. SmokeFree Policy

  63. Social Policy Statement

  64. Staff Performance Policy

  65. Staff Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy

  66. Staff Training and Development Policy

  67. Volunteer Application Form (Download)

  68. Volunteer Disciplinary Policy

  69. Volunteer Expenses Claim Form (Download)

  70. Volunteer Expenses Policy

  71. Volunteer Recruitment Checklist

  72. Volunteer Reference Form (Download)

  73. Volunteer Supervision/Review Form (Download)

  74. Volunteer Tutor Role Description

  75. Volunteer Youth Worker Role Description

  76. Volunteer's Policy and Handbook

  77. Vulnerable Adults Policy

  78. Whistleblowing Policy

  79. Young Persons at Work Risk Assessment Form (Download)


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