Elevated Aspirations Ltd and Elevated Aspirations Charity

Elevated Aspirations is directed by local professionals, highly skilled and experienced in business, youth & community work, training, community events & shows, consultation, educative projects, and partnership work.

We provide formal and informal educational activities to children, young people, families, adults, residents and communities. All of our projects incorporate and promote positive activities and training that increase personal and social development and elevate aspirations.

The cost effective approach we offer is led by local need and the requirements as agreed with funding bodies. As such in order to develop and create a holistic service Elevated Aspirations takes into consideration the views and opinions of the children, young people, families, and adults of whom we work for and with to provide a better outcome based service.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Elevated Aspirations?
Elevated Aspirations Ltd is a Public Limited Company registered in England and Wales: registration No. 8062276. It is a registered member of the Federation of Small Businesses.  Elevated Aspirations work is mainly carried out through its registered charity Elevated Aspirations CIO - registered No. 1161068.


How did Elevated Aspirations originate?
Elevated Aspirations first started operating early January 2014 and was the brain child of Tuaneri Akoto (MBA M.Sc). 

Tuaneri and Shaka Daawni had been working in Newham Youth Service for over 25 years and created numerous projects that addressed confidence, self esteem, and morale.  Furthermore, creating and delivering training, managing educative projects, and running projects that addressed social issues for children, young people, adults and families.  Both Tuaneri and Shaka ceased working for Newham Youth Service in December 2013.

Elevated Aspirations (and Young n Gifted) is an off spring of this work created by Tuaneri Akoto on leaving Newham Youth Service in December 2013.


What does Elevated Aspirations do?
Elevated Aspirations is mainly concerned with life skills development - primarily raising an individual's aspirations in life, academia, work, home, relationships, and anywhere that an individual needs life skills assistance.

What age groups does Elevated Aspirations work with?
Elevated Aspirations works with any age from 8 years up.


Does Elevated Aspirations do partnership work?
Elevated Aspirations acknowledges that no one company, business or organisation can address the needs of children, young people, families, and communities by themselves.

Elevated Aspirations works alongside and partners with voluntary oganisations, charities, youth centres, schools, and businesses.  Elevated Aspirations works with and partners 3rd sector, private sector and public sector organisations.


What experience and credentials does Elevated Aspirations staff have?
Elevated Aspirations' staff are mainly qualified youth workers with DBS checks.  Most staff have either Youth & Community Work degrees or levels 1, 2, or 3 in youth work.

The more senior staff in Elevated Aspirations Ltd have over 25 years of youth work experience and have worked in centre based, outreach, and detached youth work settings.  Furthermore, have engaged in community consultations, organised large scale community events, worked internationally, and are experienced national and international trainers.


Where does Elevated Aspirations operate?
Elevated Aspirations operates and works London wide.  However, through partnership work Elevated Aspirations also works outside of London.


What types of projects has Elevated Aspirations engaged in?
Elevated Aspirations has worked in partnership with Young n Gifted, N'Devour, Advent Community Association and other community organisations and local authroities. In our partnerships and independent work we have created and ran projects on:


    1. Gangs and Knives
    2. Raising Aspirations
    3. Sexual Health
    4. Community Shows
    5. Community Consultations
    6. Music Projects and Events
    7. Sports Events
    8. National Community Events
    9. Participation, Effort, and Commitment Award Shows/Events
    10. Education Projects
    11. Triple P Projects (Parenting work)
    12. Tutored internationally (international projects)
    13. Inoculation projects (International projects in developing countries)
    14. Community Events
    15. Work with the Aged (generational projects)
    16. Youth Offending Projects
    17. Crime Related Projects


Does Elevated Aspirations work with schools?
Elevated Aspirations works with any school: primary, secondary, free, specialist, and private.  Furthermore, Elevated Aspirations works with many educational establishments (colleges, academies etc).


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