The young people have also learned how to use music software. This was a very beneficial activity to them as many of them are into music but have never had the opportunity or resources to produce music, write lyrics and record them to disc or MP3 player.

When set radio production deadlines the group stuck to them. Working to deadlines the show has energy and is upbeat, by observation the group in the sessions they have worked together and communicate effectively amongst each other,

The group has gelled well over such a short space of time and it has been a pleasure to work with the group.   Furthermore, there has not been any reason for me or any other member of staff to exclude anyone during the sessions. We are looking forward to continuing the project with the group.

An identified problem was that young people are buying into the music video portrayals of women and the negative lyrics in some songs. What we have been doing is challenging the lyrics that young people are listening to. This is not just in response to sexual explicitness in the lyrics but also how derogatory some lyrics are to women.